“Mobizen Mirroring” on Android 6.01 – “There is no device connected via USB” :-(

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“Mobizen Mirroring” on Android 6.01 – “There is no device connected via USB” 🙁
Bug report about “Mobizen Mirroring” application for Android smartphones & Windows PCs.

I am using Win10Pro, Firefox 50.01 browser.
I installed the “Mobizen PC plugin”, and I am shure it is running as service, and I know how to check that and how to restart Windows services.

1) Your Android client doesn´t work properly via USB, on Android 6.01 on my
BQ Aquaris U

the Mobizen website recognizes properly the device ( “NODE1_BQ” ). But if I try to connect via USB, I aways get the error message  “There is no device connected via USB” :-(.

I may connect successfully via Wireless ( there is the pop-up message “Wireless connect. With the Professional version, users can connect to smartphone on external networks”, but if I press the “close” button I may connect by Wifi – Will this be forever, that I am granted as non-paying user to use this function? ).

There I am asked for 2-step authenification if it is enabled, else not – as expected.

2) Your Android client works properly via USB, on Android 4.2.1 on my
alcatel One Touch Scribe HD

but I was asked to install additionally the extra Android app
Plugin:AOT v6.0


the Mobizen website recognizes properly the device ( “NODE1_ALCATEL” )
Whether I have activated 2-step verification or not in the app’s settings, I get easy connection between PC and smartphone, by just calling the app and staying on the screen “Waiting for connection…”. So there is no need and no option for 2-way authentification. Really ?

Both devices are in Developer mode,with USB debugging enabled

So I am shure that on my PC everything is ok, with its drivers and the cable, as it works with the Android 4.2.1 phone.

With my Android 4.2.1, I may operate my smartphone from the Mobizen screen, e.g. clicking on the button “Disconnect”. With my Android 6.01 I can´t do that… is that a bug or a feature?

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Ups.. its Firefox 51.01, not 50.01 🙂


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Hello. This is a mobizen mirroring team.
I received your inquiry. 
I’m sorry to have to answer late.
Q.Yes, I have just started getting the same message today. My laptop recognizes it is connected to my phone and my phone recognizes it is connected to my laptop but Mobizen still gives the message “There is no device connected via USB”. Any ideas anyone?
A. The content has not yet been translated, please check the contents of the link.  
Sorry. We are currently preparing English content. After confirming the contents, 
Thank you for using Mobizen Mirroring.
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1 on 04/11/2017

I sent the same message both to this forum and to the support.

There was no serious handling of my bug report.

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