Human being Vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence), what‘s the next?

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Human being Vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence), what‘s the next?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes headlines in recently. Google DeepMind Challenge Match was a five game Baduk(Go) match between South Korean professional player Sedol Lee and AlphaGo, a computer Baduk(Go) program developed by Google, in Korea. AlphaGo regained its composure to win the fifth and take the match, 4-1 (Final Score: AlphaGo 4 – Sedol Lee 1.) But that brief moment of unusual and effective strategizing by Sedol Lee demonstrated that the true value of artificial intelligence reaches far beyond the simplistic narrative of man versus machine. AI’s potential may be in teaching humans new ways of thinking for ourselves.

AI won up to Baduk(Go) followed by Chess game and Quiz show.
What surprises there will be at the next?

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